A resident reported to the Buzz that she had received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the “Police”.  In this particular case, they were asking for donations to fund a program that helps bullied kids.

This resident called and informed our local RCMP Detachment and they confirmed that it’s a scam.

Please remember to never give out any personal or financial information over the phone. It is still far too common these days.  Also perhaps inform your parents and/or older relatives with computers.  They may not be quite as aware as the younger generation is regarding the multitude of different scams.

Following is some great information from the RCMP website regarding Charity Scams – what to ask, what to say, etc. Odds are the scammer won’t stay on the phone for long.


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1 thought on “Another Scam Going Around Gold River”

  1. These RCMP or CRA impersonators are very hard working people. They have been trying to steal our money since years ago, and I even still found several reports filed at https://www.callercenter.com/613-704-4495.html just several hours ago. I really hope that these criminals will be tracked down and eliminated as soon as possible.

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