Dear Gold River Residents,

I am a Registered Nurse with post-graduate training in foot care. I am compiling an interest list for in-home foot care nursing services to determine if this would be a viable business for our town.

Foot care nursing users may include:

*All ages

*Seniors and/or those with physical limitations (inability to reach toes, vision difficulties, etc.)

* Athletes

* Expectant mothers

* Person’s with corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, fungal toenails, and many more issues.

*Employees who work on their feet

*High risk clients such as diabetes, arthritis, edema, compromised immunity and neurological and vascular disorders.

A Non-invasive Foot Care visit would include:

* Nursing health assessment of foot and lower extremities

* Nail cleaning, trimming, filing, and reduction of nail thickness

* Treatment of corns, calluses, rough/cracked skin areas, and ingrown toenails

* Foot massage and moisturizing

* Client health teaching and referrals as necessary

* Sterilized instruments in compliance with BC Ministry of Health Guidelines

* Maintenance of documentation and confidentiality in accordance with Provincial Nursing Regulations.


Initial visit fee would be $55/session and $50/subsequent visits.  This service is not taxed by GST.

Foot Care is usually required every 6-8 weeks for continued maintenance and to prevent further issues.


Receipts would be provided, and may be claimed as a medical expense on your personal income tax return.  Some extended health plans with PBC, and Veteran’s Affairs provide coverage for Nursing Foot Care Services.  Check with your provider to confirm coverage.

If interested in this service being established in Gold River, please contact Roxanne by phone at 250-283-9071, leave name and number with voicemail, or by email at

**A certain number of clients are required to make this business viable for Gold River.**


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