I work hard for so little earnings. It’s hard to get out and be known for what I do. It’s expensive to find a place to do business. Why is it that no one calls? How do I get my name out there?

If some of these statements sound true to you then it is time for you to consider joining the Gold River Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is here to provide you with some help in answering these questions. We recognize just how important it is to have all of our cottage industries and home-based businesses involved in providing business in the community. For a limited time, we are offering you an introductory membership for only $25.00 for the remainder of 2015. We are now prepared to offer you a venue to do business in a place that will give you exposure. You will have a space to sell your product and keep all the proceeds. There will be no fee associated with you doing business on site other than your membership. The location is at the Vault in the Village Plaza. This is the new location for the Gold River Chamber of Commerce which also offers WIFI. The doors are open to fit your operation for doing business. This is an opportunity that we can provide for you to better your exposure in the community.

The Chamber of Commerce Executive committee has planned hard and long to serve the business community and we are excited in seeing you take advantage of this opportunity.

Life in business can be exciting, fun and profitable. Join the Chamber of Commerce as an independent chamber member. Stop by the Vault for more information.


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