The British Columbia Wildlife Federation Vancouver Region is holding a Kids Camp at the Courtenay Protective Association land on Comox Lake. The dates are from July 17 -19th 2017 and kids from the ages of 10 -14 can participate. The kids get to learn many outdoor skills, participate in archery, cowboy action shooting, etc. Three days of fun camping on Comox Lake.

This is a excellent chance for kids to spend time in a beautiful outdoor environment at Comox Lake and learn skills in the outdoors from qualified instructors. The cost is provided by the BCWF and the Local Rod and Gun Club.

The criteria we will use to choose participants is:

-the kids have to be between the ages of 10-14
-the kids or family has to be members of the Gold River Rod and Gun Club.
-we desperately need adult volunteers to chaperone the kids so the kids with volunteers will be given top priority. The event cannot happen without adult volunteers.

Please contact Karen Bogie at or Gary Foster at

This is a great summer camp for kids and family.


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