Purricane Season has Arrived Once Again

Purricane Season has Arrived Once Again
The Gold River Cat Society has just received its first feral kitten of the year with at least another to follow.
As you can see with the chart, cats can reproduce very well. If you have or know of a cat that is pregnant and needs help with the kittens once they are weaned, please contact us at 250-283-7606. We will also gladly spay/neuter your cat if you cannot afford to do so.
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Lost Cats?

The Gold River Cat Society has received a number of complaints about a Siamese yowling (probably looking to mate) in the middle of the night in the area of Chamiss Cres.
We also have an outside ginger male who hangs around Larch Place also looking to mate.
If either one is your cat, could you please contact us at 250-283-7606.  If we don’t hear from anyone, we will try to trap both to get them fixed.
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Jet is Missing

Via Megan Collins:
Scott (the pilot at Air Nooka) is missing his dog Jet. She is an Australian Shepherd (she looks a bit like a border collie I believe). Went missing from Dogwood Drive approximately 4-5 hours ago now. If spotted please contact Megan at 283- 7701 or Air Nootka.
Jet is very timid so anyone who spots her is asked not to chase.  Joanne Folkins offers this advice:
“For shy dogs, once you have located her, don’t chase or even call loudly. You should sit on the ground, speak softly, and have her come to you. Sometimes you have to “play dead”. Having smelly treats at hand can help too.”
Quite a few community members have been out looking so we hope Jet is found soon! Please keep The Buzz updated.
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