Gold River Directory Now Available

The Gold River Museum and Archives Society along with the Gold River Chamber of Commerce are pleased to bring you the new Gold River Directory.  You can find these on sale for $3 at the Literacy Centre in the plaza, Clayworks Cafe and Uptown Cappuccino. There are limited quantities available and the net proceeds go to the Museum and Archives Society. So don’t wait!  Lots of great information about Gold River/Tsaxana as well as a current listing of names and businesses!

Maureen Wynn

Maureen and I came to Gold River in 1967 with our children Bruce and Laurie.
How lucky we were to live and work and grow together in this place of beauty and wonderful people
Now in our later years Maureen has taken sick with a serious illness.  
To Enid and her staff at the clinic, the Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Mary and her respite worker Edith-What an incredible group of people. How lucky we are to have them.
To Linda and Cathy, who came to our house and washed and cut Maureen’s hair
To our friends and neighbours for the hugs and visits, prayers, offers to help and phone calls.  The gifts the food that was brought to our house and the genuine concern and compassion about my own and Maureen’s well being

Thank you – Each and every one of you from the bottom of both our hearts

Daryl & Maureen, Bruce & Audrey, Meghan & Jesse, Laurie & Scott



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