We Day Fundraiser

Hello Gold River Friends.
The We Day crew is raising funds.
We are selling Vegetable and fruit bundles as a fundraiser.
Bundle #1: $25 and includes 1 Kabocha squash, 1 red cabbage, 2 lbs of carrots, 3 lbs of Gold Beets, and 5 lbs of Klondike Rose potatoes.
Bundle #2: $18 and includes 10 lbs of apples.

Deadline Monday…To place your order please call
250 283 9160


We would like to thank the citizens of Gold River once again for their generous response to our April Door-To-Door Canvass.

We collected and forwarded $9,576.95 to the Canadian Cancer Society!

We would also like┬áto acknowledge our Canvassers – they never let us down – and we greatly value and appreciate their help.
Well done Gold River – a superb effort in the fight against this awful disease.
Gold River Health Care Auxiliary
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