Disturbing Discoveries

Via Joanne Folkins:

In the past week, the heads of two dead kittens have been found in the bedding of a new litter.  In both cases, there was no body; and one kitten did not belong to the litter in the first place.

One death with a head left over could have been caused by an animal, but two such — found in the same place– suggests human cruelty, which is not only illegal but also immoral.

If anyone has information regarding these deaths, could the person please contact the Gold River Cat Society at 250-283-7606 and leave us an anonymous message.

Thank you.

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Kitten Season has Begun

In April, the Gold River Cat Society took in the first kittens of the year to socialize.  Four tabby boys,they will go for adoption at Bosley’s in Campbell River next week if the vet clears them.  The society also knows of two more litters in our main colony at the Gold Crest Apartments and would like to be notified if anyone has seen any other feral kitten litters in the community.

We will also take in unintended kittens born to owned cats.  Please don’t throw them out like trash but contact us at 283-7606.  If you get the answering machine, leave a clear message and your contact phone number so we can return your call as soon as possible.

For those people who are waiting for us to fix their cats, please have patience as these operations come out of private pockets, which are strained right now.  We will pay for the fixing but request that the owners pay for the inoculations.

We thank the people of Gold River for all their support.  It has been a great help.

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