Gold River’s 50th Birthday: Thank You’s and Notes From Mayor Brad Unger

What a fantastic weekend it was! It was so great to see so many former residents come back to help us celebrate our Birthday Weekend. We hope everyone enjoyed all the activities and reunions. It takes a lot of hard work to put on such an incredible event like this.

Saying that I would like to say Thank You to:

  • The Village of Gold River Staff and Employees for all the extra work you all did over the past few weeks, especially the last couple of days getting everything ready for the weekend. It was noticed and appreciated by all who
    arrived. Many comments were that folks couldn’t believe how lovely and well looked after Gold River is.
  • Lisa Mellis Jones! You did an incredible job organizing the Party in the Plaza, Parade, Party in the Park/ Community Centre, and everything else that came up over the weekend, that you jumped into to do. You are a true volunteer in every way and our community is so lucky to have you on board and willing to expend so much energy for the benefit of all. Thank you Lisa!
  • Sharon Charette – the wood carving event was a huge success. Everyone really enjoyed watching the progress each day. We can’t wait until next year to see how this event can be expanded. The carvings are incredible and will
    forever be a symbol of our village coming together welcoming past and current residents, and looking to a bright future for Gold River. Western Forest Products and Doug Meske, thanks for sponsoring the Wood Carving event
    and providing that wonderful wood for the carvers. Also, Roger Lauzon for getting a few more pieces of wood for support of the Banner. The carvers could not believe the quality of the wood provided for them.
  • Karen Bowker and the Dog Show, over 30 entries and 200 people attended the Dog Show! It was great fun for all and your efforts are much appreciated. Great Job Karen.
  • Thanks to The Gold River Literacy Society. Melanie Larre, you had such a great turnout for the outdoor movie on Thursday night. Enjoyed by so many they are considering holding another one really soon.
  • Wayne Trueman – only Wayne could organize the Greasy Pole event. Wayne you resurrected an old event that everyone loves to watch, except maybe the Mom’s that had to do the laundry. Thanks for contributing your time and expertise to make it happen.
  • Counselor Kirsty Begon, you did a great job on the Birthday Cakes, and everything else you jumped up and helped with along the way. Thanks so much.
  • Thanks to Suzanne Trevis and the Gold River Museum Society, for getting the ball rolling and getting the dance organized. I think everyone enjoyed the band and had a good time reconnecting with old friends and family.
  • Many thanks to Brenda Johnson an Family for hosting the Salmon BBQ at the Party in the Plaza Friday night, I saw lots of people enjoying the lovely salmon dinner you provided.
  • Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce for hosting the Art Display and Blossoming Boot Competition at the Vault. I know you had many visitors enjoying our local artists work.
  • Michelle Frame, YOU ROCK! You took on a huge job and it was excellent to see a Ball Tournament happening in Gold River again, I sure hope we can make this an annual event.
  • P.A.C. and again Melony Larre, thanks for organizing the BBQ’s for the burgers and hot dogs at the Community Centre, and to Loblaws, Weston’s, Dairyland, Old Dutch, Enterprise Paper for their kind donations that helped PAC do some serious fundraising to start off their year.
  • Thanks to the Gold River Skating Club for having the drinks nice and cold for everyone to enjoy and to Coke and Pepsi for their generous donations.
  • To Greig Seafood, thank you for your generous donation of the Salmon for the BBQ on Saturday, and Tara for doing the organizing and cooking.
  • Thanks to Denise Watt for getting all the cooks and judges for the Chili Contest. It sounds like it was a roaring success.
  • Thank you as well to The Gold River Golf Club for taking on the task of running the Bar at the dance. It was a big job and you pulled it together with all of your volunteers, well done!
  • Moe Pelletier, there is nothing like a Moe Burger. Anytime! Thanks for providing Gold River with some great tastes on Saturday night.
  • Thank you to Karen Bogie and her volunteer servers feeding everyone pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.
  • Thank you also to the Chamber of Commerce and the Uchuck for hosting the event at the Vault on Sunday evening.

To all the organizations who held their own Reunions throughout the weekend we hope everyone had a great time.

And to all you other volunteers that did so much, Thank You just doesn’t cover it but you are what a small town is all about.

Happy 50th Gold River

Brad Unger
Mayor of the Best Village anywhere.

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50th Birthday Dance – Bar, Security and Taxi Thank You

50th Birthday Dance – Bar, Security and Taxi Thank You

Thank you is our way of saying your contribution was noticed. In this case, I have an opportunity to say Thank You to so many helpful people, the 50th Birthday Dance could not have happened without the fifty or so volunteers that helped before, during and after the event. The Gold River Golf Club took on the task of providing the bar for the Dance. I was way out of my comfort zone. So, a great big Thank You to Glen and Angie Frame for helping me with organizing and setting up the event. I know I couldn’t have done it without your expertise and guidance.

I was so thankful to have the crew of young men help with moving the skids of alcohol from the liquor store and then again down to the arena on Saturday. You guys jumped up with no notice and I am grateful to you for taking time to help.

The Security crew headed by Lightle Management provided a great service for the dance. Thank you so much to Scott Patrick, David Kornylo, Alyshia Boyle, Bob Lightle, and also Terry Robertson, Gord Unger, David Unger and Geoff Unger for stepping up. Another great big Thanks to Doug Kennedy and the COPS for providing the Taxi service from the event. It was great to see so many cars having a sleepover that night.

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who gave their time to work the bar both setting up and serving throughout the evening. Each of you are so appreciated. Thanks to John and Betty Frame, Bob and Colleen Lightle, Trudy Annand, Barb and Aubrey Brinkman, Chris and Dennie Bohn, Ric Begon, Mick and Deb Mann, Joyce Unger, Shannon Unger, Judy McLean, Denise Watt, Ray Hammell, Jean Beer, Grace Hoffman, Roger Steele, Veanna Johnston, Ellena Gjesdal, Richard Parkes and our tireless ringleader for the weekend, Lisa Jones.

I’m happy to report that the golf course was successful in making a profit on the event which will help us continue to look after the maintenance issues as needed on the course.

Volunteers make all things possible and I’m proud to say that Gold Riverites give of themselves whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Thanks so much for your support,
Lynne Unger and Gold River Golf Club Executive

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News From the Gold River Chamber of Commerce


First of all, the Chamber would like to congratulate all those who organized and volunteered to make Gold River’s 50th birthday such a huge success. You did an outstanding job! Thank you for all your hard work. It was wonderful to see so many people returning to join in the festivities at a place many still call home.

The Chamber would like to thank the sponsors of the Blossoming Boot Contest, Nootka Sound Services, Gold River Nursery and the Gold River Deli who generously donated the prizes. Thank you also to all those who took the time to plant and decorate boots and enter the contest. We had over 20 contestants with a wide variety of designs. The first place winner of the day cruise for two to Friendly Cove onboard the Uchuck was Jean Steele, the second place winner of the large pottery vase was Harry Bomback and the third place winner of a $50.00 gift certificate to the Manila Grill was Catherine Wilson. We also had entries made by Chad Frame, Jackson Foster, Ezme and Easton Watt, Lexon Frame, Blake Levy and the children at the Literacy Centre, all of whom received ice cream cones. A pizza party is also being planned for the kids in the near future. Congratulations to all of you. We are hoping to have the contest again next year during Gold River Days. The winner of the framed photograph by Paul Smith, in the business card draw, was Neil and Anita Lawrence of the Clayworks Café and Studio. Congratulations to you both.

The Chamber wound up the weekend with an evening of music, appys and desserts at the Vault. We would like to thank Nootka Sound Services for offering the Uchuck as our venue but unfortunately the weather wasn’t conducive for an outdoor event and we had to move it uptown. Our guests were entertained with wonderful music and songs performed by Julie Schimunek, Marion Last, Noelle Miffin and Yon. Thank you to all of you, it was absolutely wonderful. The winner of a day trip to Friendly Cove for two on the Uchuck, as the door prize, was Pierrette Reid. Congratulations!

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Legion Members & Executive Aug 29th, 2015

Back left: Gary Philcox, Piper David Dakin Sr, Legion President Robert Hoffman, Mayor Brad Unger, Piper David Dakin jr, Robby Robertson,Chuck Syme, Raymond Hammel. Front Left: Victoria Lempky, William Leighton, Steven Tanaka, Cal Jefford

Back left: Gary Philcox, Piper David Dakin Sr, Legion President Robert Hoffman, Mayor Brad Unger, Piper David Dakin Jr, Robby Robertson, Chuck Syme, Raymond Hammel. Front Left: Victoria Lempky, William Leighton, Steven Tanaka, Cal Jefford


Gold River Legion Representation pose for photo before the parade celebrating Gold River’s 50th Birthday.

Photo via Jerry West & The Record

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