An invitation to Village Voice

An invitation to Village Voice

If you have opinions to express whether they be praise or expression of concern or even dissatisfaction you are welcome to join at our regular second Wednesday meeting of each month.

Our next gathering will be Wednesday November 9th at 7PM at  “The Vault”  Chamber of Commerce office. Everyone is welcome.


1. Treasurer and current account balance.
2. Claire Trevena, MLA  Community Consultation Meeting  November 7th.
3. Hydro rates and “appeal procedures”.
4. Receiving replies, written or oral from community officials on citizen requests or queries.
5. Good work of disaster services and information.
6. Access to rate payer’s facilities for public non profit  groups.

Additions to agenda.

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Village Voice Meeting Sept 21

All villagers are welcome to attend the next monthly meeting of Village Voice at THE VAULT (Chamber of Commerce) at 7 PM September 21st. All points of view are encouraged, less personal attacks, and your items will be added to the agenda.


1) Appoint a treasurer.
2) Discuss GR Days Petitions – (Dog Park) (Weed Control)
3) Discussion re rising Hydro rates.
4) Discussion of designated day for monthly meetings.
5) Complements to the organizers of Gold River Days.
6) Consideration for action to motivate council to react to community priorities. Example: Communication – balance of maintenance services – vacancy rate and derelict buildings with absentee land lords – auxiliary police –transparency in search for investors in community – economic promotion – seniors focus.
7) Quality programs form quality organizations. eg drama , writers , literacy, library programs. Tell about your programs.

Your additions

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Village Voice Meeting June 8

Invitation to Village Voice Meeting (All citizens are welcome).

Wednesday June 8th @7PM Chamber of Commerce Office (The Vault).

The Purpose of Village Voice is to provide an opportunity for citizens to gather in discussion groups to share ideas, concerns and information relative to our community.

The goal is to become an action group and to actively support and encourage any individual(s) who may be motivated to pursue any project, which might constructively enhance our community. We hope that our students from high school will be interested in joining us. As well, a great topic for us to get into would be Claire Trevena’s suggestion to pursue high speed internet. As well, our young people may have some interesting points of view about how to better our community.

Our organization meets regularly every second Wednesday of each month.


1) High speed internet from Telus
2) What is happening for Gold River Days
3) Successful Antler Lake event.
4)Will there be a softball tournament this year
5) New topics from the floor.

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Camera Club Meeting Tonight

Gold River Camera Club Meeting at the Vault, 7:00 pm on Tuesday May 31, 2016.  Members bring your photos for the Antler Lake contest. Everyone is welcome to attend and join our club for free where you can learn all about photography from some very gifted local photographers. Or if you are one of those gifted photographers, then please come and help those who need it and those of us who can always learn more.
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