Rod and Gun Meeting

PAL/CORE and Range Master Courses
Range approval
Club Activities/ Fundraising
The fire will be going so we will have a warm meeting, please come and join in the planning of 2020, everyones in put is important.

Thank you from USW 1-1937 Gold River



United Steelworkers of America Local 1-1937 Gold River would like to thank all the parties that helped give our children a wonderful Christmas Party!

CUPE LOCAL 2769, CUPE LOCAL 3399, Vancouver Island West Teachers Union, Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation, Kevin and Annie McDowell, Deane and Sharon Johnson, Straight Grain Inc, Brad and Lynn Unger, Trudy and Bruce Annand, Veanna Johnston, Chris Kuhn, Amy Dupuis, Jan Rose, Bonnie Loranger, Brad McRae, Anamarie Guzz, Darcy Curr, Gold River Fire Dept, Village of Gold River, Ellena Gjesdal, Tara Westwood, Morris McNally, Cindy Erb, Lisa Illes, the GR Ladybug Gardening Club(Sandie Rose, Sheila Millard, Colleen Zimmer) and Steve Wray 

Also a huge thank you to Jessica, Connie, Jolene and Jamie, who picked Gold River for their fundraiser and travelled all the way from Duncan for the Christmas party with gifts, groceries, pet food etc..

I would like to also thank The Lodge at Gold River, The Gold River Rod and Gun, Mark and Gaylene, Dar,  Fran and Doria for their financial donations that allowed for gas and grocery cards to be given to all the picketers

This has been a very humbling experience and it is hard to express in words the gratitude we feel

All the USW Gold River members thank you and wish you a prosperous New Year


Peter Erb-Secretary USW 1-1937 Gold River

PS. I hope I didn’t leave anybody out


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