Flowery Appreciation

On Saturday May 27 at the Plaza at 9 a.m., a cheery hard-working group of volunteers showed up to get the flower boxes ready for the Canada Day 150 Celebration. The boxes were weeded, shrubs trimmed, new soil applied, and many red and white annuals planted.

A great big thank you to the following people: Joanne Folkins, Marcel Miner, Julie Schimunek (who planted the box by Westgate Church two weeks ago), and the Junior Rangers–Hayden, Julien, Genie, Ben, Jordie–and their leaders–Victoria Lempke, Theresa Beer, and Brenda Laroche. And thank you, Henry and Susanne of Eagle’s Wings, for the refreshing lemonade and watermelon. Thank you as well to Lisa Mellis-Jones for her assistance with the clean-up.

I trust I didn’t miss anyone. If I did, please let me know right away. Also, a big thank you to JT Pangli, owner of the Plaza, for his donation to purchase the annuals from the Timber Mart’s Garden Center. Thank you, Brigitte, for helping us get what we needed for the planting!

Canada Day is fast approaching. There are many ways to be involved. The slightly revised final program will be posted by June 15, 2017

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Warm Fuzzy to Karen Bowker

This past week we spent some time in Gold River.

We stayed at the tastefully decorated Les Arbres with its wonderful hosts Peggy and Tom in attendance. We ate the best wings ever at the pub’s wing night but it was our greatest fortune to have been guided to Karen Bowker!

Karen took in our border terrier, Finnegan for 3 full days while we enjoyed the excursion on the MVUchuck lll. The staff and crew were awesome and we loved our time spent on the vessel, but we were most blown away when we returned 3 days later to pick up our little dog from Karen.

Karen’s kindness and caring showed to both us and our dog, Finn, was second to none, not only did she take good care of him but she had a surprise package ready for us to take home with pictures, toys, collar, magazines, hand written notes of his visit and even more wonderful goodies!

We were so taken by Karen’s modest kindness, knowledge and her thoughtful sparkling eye!

I say good on you Karen and we send a ‘Warm Fuzzy’ for your effort!

Thank you,
Marg and Allan Swartz
Okanagan Falls, B.C.

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Gratitude From Organizers of the 3D Archery Shoot

The organizers of the 3D Archery Shoot would like to thank the following people and businesses:
  • John and Maureen Levering
  • Sun Coast
  • Western Forest Products
  • E&B Helicopters
  • Cougar Creek Industry
  • The Ridge Roadhouse
  • Cloverdale Paint
  • Liquor Express
  • Tyee Marine
  • Canadian Tire
  • Gold River Building Supplies
  • Joan and Harold Kerpan
  • Save-On Foods
  • Home Depot
  • The Uchuck
  • Bud and Joy Hubert
  • Shirley and Stan Boyd
  • Wayne Schmidt (Leather Works)
We would also like to thank Peter, Scott and Gary for all you help.
We had a great shoot and hope to see more local people next year!
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Warm Fuzzy for JCJ Moving

JCJ Moving

I have to say thank you so very much to the guys of local company JCJ Moving. They did an amazing job for me, not one thing was chipped or broken, and they had to take apart and put together a very confusing (plus large and heavy) desk! As well, they took away all my garbage, my recycling and even cut the overgrown grass in my backyard!
You guys saved the day for me! Thanks so much to John, Eric and Lee for working so hard on a very hot day!
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Much Appreciation From Angie and Glenn Frame

THANK YOU RICK JONES. THANK YOU TOM MACKENZIE. THANK YOU DENNY WYNNE. Huge warm and fuzzy thank you’s to these guys who showed up with a wood splitter in our driveway the other morning to split and stack the wood we got delivered 3 weeks ago from some other really nice guys, sorry I was ill cannot name names but you know who you are. THANK YOU.

It is overwhelming the amount of help and offers we have had since Glenn became ill again. Our family thanks you so very much, there are no words to express the thanks for the gratitude, caring and love we get from you all. Once again cannot say enough about living in this lovely caring town of Gold River.

Sincerely Angie and Glenn Frame

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