Via Suzanne Trevis

Committee of the Whole Meeting
June 3, 2015

All members of council were present as well as Administrator Larry Plourde and staff members Mick Mann, Parks & Recreation Manager/Public Works and Maxine McLean, Deputy Treasurer. Two members of the public also attended.

Mayor Unger advised that the meeting was to discuss the revitalization of Nimpkish Park and while the public was welcome to attend they were not part of the meeting unless invited to speak. The Administrator gave some background on the grant itself explaining that the June 19th deadline was not leaving much time to pull things together.

There was quite a bit of discussion with each councillor giving some input as to what they would like to see at the park. In addition to the spray park, items included:

•new toys at the playground
•a shelter of some kind, an open pavilion or gazebo type structure
•a picnic area
•revitalization of the tennis court area, with a possible multi court surface
•fixing and resurfacing the track
•proper signage

There was discussion about whether the ball diamond gets enough use to warrant taking up as much of the field area as it does. Council determined there was enough room for youth to play and that there were at least three other options for teams needing more room.

There was also a lot of discussion surrounding the dog park situation. No one seems to be happy with it being at Nimpkish Park and council seems to be open to the idea of locating a fenced dog park elsewhere in the community.

At this point Mayor Unger asked if there was any input from the public. Mrs Trevis asked if the Nimpkish Park Revitalization Committee was still a part of the process as many of the things discussed had already been looked at by the committee. Due to time constraints the current council had chosen to limit the project to the spray park, they were unaware that some of this other work had already been done by a committee that was put together by the previous council. The Administrator asked if they could forward what they had to staff and assured everyone that the work that our community volunteers do has value. Due to the tight schedule surrounding the grant deadline, he advised Councillor Begon to contact committee members and bring them up to speed.

Staff will be working hard to get dollar figures together for the grant proposal, fortunately some of the work done on the skatepark proposal three years ago is being ‘borrowed’ for this application.

Mayor Unger then advised that discussion on the dog park would be on the next regular meeting agenda.

The Committee of the Whole Meeting was then adjourned.

The next regular council meeting will take place Monday, June 15 at 7pm.


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