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These pictures were taken around the Danzig mine site at Silverado Creek across from Gore Island. The first claims were staked in 1925, mining started in 1938, with silver, gold, and zinc ore transferred to the mouth of the Silverado Creek.

Pilings are still there from the plank road that extended to the base of the mine site, where iron rails for the ore cars climbed steeply to the shaft. Along the old plank road there is a rusty 4 cylinder donkey engine, and the remains of the camp that was made with corrogated steel. There are 2 ore cars beside the rails, and a blacksmith’s forge. By looking at the old map on Google, I would say the shaft extends 400 feet or so, but has caved in 40 feet in. Peering over top of the rubble, the shaft can be seen with the rail tracks vanishing in the gloom.

silverado mine 007 silverado mine 008 silverado mine 009 silverado mine 011



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