Bob delivers to Gold River Wednesdays and Fridays, leaving Campbell River each day at 10:00am and heading to Gold River.

Rates start at $15.00 (up to 40 lbs).

$25.00 (up to 100 lbs).

Rates then go up by $10.00 per 100 lbs to a max of 1200 lbs..

Dry cleaning rate ($15.00) is for transport both ways. Dealing with White Hat Cleaners. Please drop of dry cleaning at the Gold River Deli.

Phone 250-202-7234, email bobweiss53 [at] live [dot] ca and follow him on Facebook: Delivery Hwy 28.

**Delivery Hwy 28 can now take Visa, Mastercard etc., in Gold River. Thanks to “Squared Up”, no signal is required.

Pay for your delivery right at your front door. Receipt will be sent to your Email.


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