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Garden Centre News by Bridgite Messer
Garden Centre is Open!

Location- across the street from the main store of Gold River Builders Supplies.

The basic needs for gardening are always kept at the main store during the shoulder seasons. Through the growing season this year we will continue to keep inventory at the main store: lawn care items, soils, watering and irrigation, and pesticides.

Gold River Builder’s Garden Centre is stocked with potting soil, mulch, garden soil, tools, fertilizers,  lawn care, barbeques, patio furniture, garden art and many diverse planting containers.

What is Happening in Your Garden?

Early spring is the time for cleanup and lawns. Thank you to the village of Gold River for cleaning our streets. The town already looks freshened up and has saved homeowners from a time consuming job! It’s time to lime the lawn, followed by fertilizer. Lime raises the ph of Gold River’s acidic soil, helping to deter the growth of moss and also helps the grass consume any fertilizer that you feed it. Typically, people like to use a high nitrogen fertilizer on the lawn in the spring to get a nice flush of green.

The First Shipment of Bedding Plants Arrives by Sat. May 6

Bedding plants are arriving this week with the focus on flowers for Mother’s Day: hanging baskets and lots of red and white choices for those planning for Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Tomatoes and vegetables are starting with quantities increasing with each shipment as we approach the “safe” long weekend in May.

Garden Centre Hours:

Monday to Friday-10:30AM to 4PM

(I will often be there longer than posted hours, especially through May)

Saturday will be 9AM to 5Pm

Sunday Hours commence on May 7 from 11AM to 2PM until June 4 and

Don’t forget, outside of the garden centre hours, most supplies are available across the street, at the main store of Gold River’s Timber Mart.


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