Via Gold River Cat Society

Kittens-Lesson 1

Like human babies, kittens need to nurse from their mother for at least 8 weeks to get her immunities to diseases.  Unfortunately, people think they are doing the village a favour by picking up 3 week old feral kittens to raise.  This gives rise to a number of problems, especially once the kittens grow up to be cats.  Too often, at that point, they become not as cuddly and cute and are then let loose UNFIXED.

This happened last year at the Gold Crest main colony, and has just occurred again.  So, the GRCS is sending out a plea to those who took the kittens to please return them so they can be healthy, properly socialized, and then fixed.  That would do us more good than taking them now and releasing them later.  If you really want to help us, please donate funds, food, dishes, towels, carriers, etc.

Thank you.


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