Please note: Change in location for the Harbor Side Soiree set for Aug. 30th aboard the Uchuck….DUE TO BAD WEATHER ON THE HORIZON..WE ARE GOING TO KICK UP OUR HEELS AT THE VAULT IN THE PLAZA.  If you bought a ticket and want a refund, we can do that.  If you still want to come and don’t have your tickets yet, please contact myself (Julie Schimunek) at 283-7685 or Peggy at 283-7422. Food and goodies, live music Marion Yateman Last, myself and Yon will play a set. Noelle Maffin and her Juno award winning jazz player friend Steve will be joining us and doing a set. sounds great! We need to know asap for food and numbers. thanks!

Poster for Harbour side party-page0001


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1 thought on “Harborside Soiree aboard the MV Uchuck III”

  1. Thanks for all the support, both from the Chamber of Commerce, the MV Uchuck III (even though we had to change location-they were willing to give us the boat for the night) Noelle Maffin, Marion Last and Yon for playing such great music. Thanks to everyone who came and made our night so enjoyable. The food was outstanding! Thanks to Peggy, Tom, Sheila, Brenda, Veanna and Ken for being so helpful, making wonderful appetizers and desserts, moving equipment and all the rest of it. What a party!

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