Village Voice: Proud Member of the Gold River Chamber of Commerce
Minutes for Village Voice Meeting, March 9th 2016.
The meeting commenced at 1700 hrs. with 12 persons present and G Rajotte in the chair.

The agenda was introduced and approved with three items added.
a) A motion was made to amend the objectives of our society
Moved by Darlene Hagen and seconded by Kathy Books. Carried

The Purpose of Village Voice as amended (underlined): The purpose of Village Voice is to provide an opportunity for citizens to gather in discussion groups to share ideas, concerns and information relative to our community. (deletion of not/) The goal is/ to become an action group, and to actively support and encourage any individual(s)who may be motivated to pursue any project, which might constructively enhance our community.

b) A motion was presented to write a letter to council regarding the closure of our library on Friday nights was discussed and approved by consensus.

c) A motion was presented to write the village council and to write the band council regarding the viability of a bus service . Discussed and approved-directed to the secretary for composition.

d) Significant discussion and ideas ensued regarding Gold River future as a senior’s settlement. (No action – directed to old business).

e) The question of addressing town council regarding activity past and present on :
1) Economic development
2) Promotion of tourism.
3) Encouraging people to settle in Gold River.
A motion to table this item to next meeting was made by Jessie Smith and seconded by Grace Hoffman. Carried.

f) Moved by Dick Hughes seconded By Kathy Brooks that Bob Colquhoun investigate the current availability and use plan for the Recreation Center
and report to our next meeting. Carried.

g) Viability of a survey of vacant dilapidated properties and absentee landlords.
Tabled to next meeting by consensus.

Additional Items:
1) Presentation by Dick Hughes on the creating a program for the community on
“Brain Enhancement” Mr. Hughes wants to bring this project to Gold River
2) A discussion was introduced by Flemming Alstrup on the absence of “light standard” flower pots this past summer, and the danger of problematic trees for residents.
3)Dropped by the initiator. Adjournment moved by Dick Hughes
Carried (1900hrs.)


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