For a while now I’ve been looking on Facebook at my friend’s many cartoons and getting a giggle out of ALL of them! Some are corny, some are ‘punny’, some are thoughtful, but all are wonderful and sure to bring a smile to your face as they do mine.

I’m talking about Gold River resident Jenny Riddell. I asked Jenny if we could do a weekly thing and also if she would share the story of her treasured art. Here’s what she said:

“I write lunch notes for my daughter every day of school. Getting her to smile and learn in a positive fun manner is significant as a parent. Lily likes to share these notes with her peers. I make notes that try to spark ideas and questions. Upon returning home, Lily inquires about these silly cards. It makes learning about science, math, history and real world topics enjoyable. Building free flowing conversations with my daughter at a young age is important to me. I place the date on the back of each note and add them to a scrapbook daily.”

I’m sure you’ll agree how wonderful it is that she does this for her daughter, and also that she’s agreed to share this special thing with us too!

Here is our first in many ‘Monday Funnies’:

The Monday Funnies yellow circle logo will be in the sidebar so if you ever think you’ve missed one, just click the yellow circle!


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