First of all, the Chamber would like to congratulate all those who organized and volunteered to make Gold River’s 50th birthday such a huge success. You did an outstanding job! Thank you for all your hard work. It was wonderful to see so many people returning to join in the festivities at a place many still call home.

The Chamber would like to thank the sponsors of the Blossoming Boot Contest, Nootka Sound Services, Gold River Nursery and the Gold River Deli who generously donated the prizes. Thank you also to all those who took the time to plant and decorate boots and enter the contest. We had over 20 contestants with a wide variety of designs. The first place winner of the day cruise for two to Friendly Cove onboard the Uchuck was Jean Steele, the second place winner of the large pottery vase was Harry Bomback and the third place winner of a $50.00 gift certificate to the Manila Grill was Catherine Wilson. We also had entries made by Chad Frame, Jackson Foster, Ezme and Easton Watt, Lexon Frame, Blake Levy and the children at the Literacy Centre, all of whom received ice cream cones. A pizza party is also being planned for the kids in the near future. Congratulations to all of you. We are hoping to have the contest again next year during Gold River Days. The winner of the framed photograph by Paul Smith, in the business card draw, was Neil and Anita Lawrence of the Clayworks Café and Studio. Congratulations to you both.

The Chamber wound up the weekend with an evening of music, appys and desserts at the Vault. We would like to thank Nootka Sound Services for offering the Uchuck as our venue but unfortunately the weather wasn’t conducive for an outdoor event and we had to move it uptown. Our guests were entertained with wonderful music and songs performed by Julie Schimunek, Marion Last, Noelle Miffin and Yon. Thank you to all of you, it was absolutely wonderful. The winner of a day trip to Friendly Cove for two on the Uchuck, as the door prize, was Pierrette Reid. Congratulations!


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2 thoughts on “News From the Gold River Chamber of Commerce”

  1. I have “watched” via the Internet about the 50th Anniversary for Gold River. My “favorite daughter” takes part with the Chamber of Commerce 🙂 I have been to gold River on a number of occasions over the years, and it is a Beautiful place. My son-in-law also helped with the Celebrations. I do check into Gold River Buzz – very interesting! The last time I was in Gold River I took photos of many wood carvings. It is too bad that Gold River had rain during the celebrations, BUT on the other hand – rain was so needed. Congratulations Gold River.

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