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Attention Cottage Industry And Home-Based Businesses


I work hard for so little earnings. It’s hard to get out and be known for what I do. It’s expensive to find a place to do business. Why is it that no one calls? How do I get my name out there?

If some of these statements sound true to you then it is time for you to consider joining the Gold River Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is here to provide you with some help in answering these questions. We recognize just how important it is to have all of our cottage industries and home-based businesses involved in providing business in the community. For a limited time, we are offering you an introductory membership for only $25.00 for the remainder of 2015. We are now prepared to offer you a venue to do business in a place that will give you exposure. You will have a space to sell your product and keep all the proceeds. There will be no fee associated with you doing business on site other than your membership. The location is at the Vault in the Village Plaza. This is the new location for the Gold River Chamber of Commerce which also offers WIFI. The doors are open to fit your operation for doing business. This is an opportunity that we can provide for you to better your exposure in the community.

The Chamber of Commerce Executive committee has planned hard and long to serve the business community and we are excited in seeing you take advantage of this opportunity.

Life in business can be exciting, fun and profitable. Join the Chamber of Commerce as an independent chamber member. Stop by the Vault for more information.

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Via Suzanne Trevis

June 15, 2015

Present for the regular meeting were Mayor Brad Unger, Councillors Rod MacLeod, Darcy Curr, Gordon Waterman and Kirsty Begon. Administrator Larry Plourde was also present. There were four members of the public and the press in the gallery.

During Open Session Terry Robertson asked if the village had a bylaw to control cats. He knows that people have to license dogs, but he said he has far too many cats com-ing into his yard and he wants to know if the village has any control over the cat population. Staff advised that it was an issue in other places as well, but that in the past cats had been excluded from any kind of licensing etc. The administrator went on to say that they would look into it and report back to council.

Mr. Robertson also wanted to know what the issues were with the very out of date sign in front of the Nimpkish Plaza and the very out of date map on the wall at the Village Square Plaza. Suzanne Trevis advised that the Chamber of Commerce had indicated earlier this year that they were going to update the map. She also reported that various people, including previous versions of the Chamber, had contacted the Nimpkish Plaza owner over the past fifteen years asking for old signs to be removed. His response had generally been that they weren’t his problem, they were the responsibility of the business owner. Not much use to the community, when the business is long gone. Council decided to have staff check if the land owner is responsible for signage on the property.

Council added a letter from MMFN Administrator, Michael McGee to the agenda then proceeded to adopt the minutes from the Regular Meeting held June 1 and the Special Council Meeting held June 3.

There were three reports on the agenda. The first, from the Administrator was regarding the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program grant application that is being sought for the revitalization of Nimpkish Park. The project now includes:

• new water splash park
• new 500-600 sq ft post and beam open shelter pavilion
• a new picnic area with family focus
• new washroom(s) with handicap access and baby change station
• revamp existing kids play park (tot lot) with new toys/features
• revamp / resurface existing tennis court to multipurpose area for tennis, ball hockey, etc
• new benches / tables / waste receptacles / fountains, etc suitable to a family park.
• repairs to walking circuit
• irrigation / sprinkler system
• new entrance sign to Nimpkish Park

The total project cost is budgeted at $440,000 with half of that to be paid by the village and half to come (hopefully) from the Grant.

Council approved the application and voted to move forward with the project. Mayor Unger added a big thank you to staff for pulling it all together on such short notice, then added that he would be sharing the project information with our MP John Duncan in the hopes that he could provide some positive pressure.

Deputy Treasurer, Maxine McLean submitted the 2015 Annual Report & 2014 Statement of Financial Information. This annual report, which is available for the public to view at the Village Office, includes the villages audited financial statements, a report from the Mayor respecting prior year services and operations, a progress report on the village’s goals and objectives, their progress measures for 2015 and a corporate plan-ning report covering the next three years. Council again thanked staff for all of the work that goes into providing this report. The Administrator gave credit to Ms. McLean, who spends the first five months of the year putting this information together for the village.

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer submitted a report on an Unsightly Premises case at 404 Golden Hinde, that has been ongoing for most of the last year. The village has re-ceived numerous complaints from neighbours and while the Bylaw Officer has been visiting with the property owner and taking pictures of progress, that progress has been slow. Councillor Begon stated that she was not happy saying too many extensions had been given already and it was not fair to the neighbours. The Mayor asked about reports that the debris was attracting rodents and other undesirables to the area, impacting neighbours, but the administrator advised that the Bylaw Officer had been unable to find any evidence supporting this claim. The current deadline for clean up is June 19. Staff will be following up on that day, and while they are reluctant to go in and remove things themselves (for many reasons) they may be able to write a ticket, with a fine attached, under the Municipal Ticketing System.

Under Council Information Items Councillor Begon had a couple of question, asking first why Ucona Field was named Ucona Field. The Administrator responded that the road going past the area was named the Ucona Road and there is also a river in the area named Ucona. He assumed the field had been named after those features, as many of our local names are. Councillor Begon then asked what was involved in changing the name of a park, eventually asking if the spray park could be named after someone. “I’m not suggesting anyone,” she said, “Its just to talk about.” The Administrator advised that other facilities had been renamed after people in the past and said we could pretty much do as we choose.

Councillor Begon then asked the Administrator how much moorage was at the dock. He responded that there were different rates depending on the size of the boat and the length of time it was staying, there are monthly and annual rates. She asked if every-one currently at the dock was up to date and was told yes, except for one boat which appears to have been abandoned. Staff are currently looking into the situation. She eventually stated that she had been asked by some local boat owners about moorage costs as they were interested in mooring their boats at our dock. The Administrator advised that they come in and speak with staff.

Mayor Unger reported that he had attended Regional District discussing both waste management and the new hospital. They took a tour of the newly engineered landfill and were shown what it will look like once it is finally closed. They also took a look at the new landfill where the Mayor said he was impressed, but upset when he noticed them still burying wood waste etc “Hello! Waste to Energy,” he said, referring to our long running bid to get a WTE plant on our old mill site.

He also mentioned the open house meeting for the new hospitals that took place here June 9. Approximately 16 people showed up, about the same number that showed in Tahsis. He was disappointed that they insisted on having it from 4:30-6, a time when many people are eating dinner, but said those who did turn up were impressed.

There were eight pieces of correspondence on the agenda. The first, from Jean Beer asked if the village could provide signs for Peppercorn Park and the Cemetery as currently there are none. Staff advised that the Peppercorn Park sign had come down to have supports replaced and there had been a delay in getting it back up. “If its not up already, it should be going up soon,” he said. There was a little bit of discussion about signage for the cemetery, what kind of signs, where they should go – deciding eventually to get 2 that just say ‘cemetery’ and place them at a junction off the main road, and in front of the cemetery itself.

The second letter addressed was from Telus thanking the village for their letter sent in April. That letter stated that both villages (Gold River & Tsaxana) wanted cell coverage and they hoped that rather than abandoning the idea, Telus was still open to working with them to find an alternate site. Their response included “Our organization goes through a rigours review of all our decisions to ensure returns and benefits for both the community and for our Telus shareholders.” it went on to say “While we considered several alternate locations for the cellular site . . . . . these sites did not provide a solution for the wireline transport problem that we are starting to face.” It then wound up with “Telus will identify this area as having the potential for future expansion and prioritize accordingly as our coverage plan is expanded.” The Mayor noted that they will be taking this issue to UBCM in September, and also reported that the Regional District is looking into cell coverage in the region because of the 911 service. He will keep us posted as to their progress.

There were a few letters from Ministers who will be at the Convention in the fall, about getting in meeting requests. Council will be brainstorming over the next few weeks about who they want to speak with.

The only other item of correspondence to get attention was the request from Band Administrator, Michael McGee for a meeting regarding the management of the Antler Lake/Scout Lake properties. A few years ago residents pressured the government into doing a land swap, when local logging companies went in to log this highly used recreation area. Although the idea was to have it become ‘park land’, Parks don’t want it as they can’t afford to look after the parks they already have. The decision initially called for community consultation and they are now looking for a process to make that happen. Councillors MacLeod and Curr agreed to meet with MMFN along with the Administrator to see what could be done.

As there was no further business Council moved to adjourn in-camera pursuant to the Community Charter Section 90(1)(g) litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality.

Note: Although the Mayor had advised everyone at the meeting held June 3 that they would be discussing what to do with the dog park, which is currently at Nimpkish Park, it was not on the agenda and did not get discussed at tonights meeting.

Also a reminder that council will only be conducting ONE MEETING A MONTH during the summer months. Monday, July 6th and Tuesday, August 4th. Also note the time of the meetings are now 7pm.

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Committee of the Whole Meeting June 3, 2015

Via Suzanne Trevis

Committee of the Whole Meeting
June 3, 2015

All members of council were present as well as Administrator Larry Plourde and staff members Mick Mann, Parks & Recreation Manager/Public Works and Maxine McLean, Deputy Treasurer. Two members of the public also attended.

Mayor Unger advised that the meeting was to discuss the revitalization of Nimpkish Park and while the public was welcome to attend they were not part of the meeting unless invited to speak. The Administrator gave some background on the grant itself explaining that the June 19th deadline was not leaving much time to pull things together.

There was quite a bit of discussion with each councillor giving some input as to what they would like to see at the park. In addition to the spray park, items included:

•new toys at the playground
•a shelter of some kind, an open pavilion or gazebo type structure
•a picnic area
•revitalization of the tennis court area, with a possible multi court surface
•fixing and resurfacing the track
•proper signage

There was discussion about whether the ball diamond gets enough use to warrant taking up as much of the field area as it does. Council determined there was enough room for youth to play and that there were at least three other options for teams needing more room.

There was also a lot of discussion surrounding the dog park situation. No one seems to be happy with it being at Nimpkish Park and council seems to be open to the idea of locating a fenced dog park elsewhere in the community.

At this point Mayor Unger asked if there was any input from the public. Mrs Trevis asked if the Nimpkish Park Revitalization Committee was still a part of the process as many of the things discussed had already been looked at by the committee. Due to time constraints the current council had chosen to limit the project to the spray park, they were unaware that some of this other work had already been done by a committee that was put together by the previous council. The Administrator asked if they could forward what they had to staff and assured everyone that the work that our community volunteers do has value. Due to the tight schedule surrounding the grant deadline, he advised Councillor Begon to contact committee members and bring them up to speed.

Staff will be working hard to get dollar figures together for the grant proposal, fortunately some of the work done on the skatepark proposal three years ago is being ‘borrowed’ for this application.

Mayor Unger then advised that discussion on the dog park would be on the next regular meeting agenda.

The Committee of the Whole Meeting was then adjourned.

The next regular council meeting will take place Monday, June 15 at 7pm.

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Gold River Cat Society Trapping Schedule

GRCS Trapping Schedule
As you know, the Gold River Cat Society has taken on the responsibility of trapping the feral cats to fulfill the requirements of the village’s/BCSPCA grant. We do this the Wednesday night before each vet visit.
In June, however, all vet spaces for the grant have been given over to the Recycling Depot to finish fixing their resident ferals. We will reinstate our trapping for the first vet visit in July and continue from then on until the grant funds has been used up.
Thank you.
Joanne Folkins
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