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Local Realtor in Gold River

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Cedar Roots

Cedar Roots

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7th Annual Polar Bear Swim

Write up via Dennie Bohn and photos via Anita Rose – thanks ladies!

There were seven brave people who took the plunge this year. The two youngest were Teagan Hutchinson and Keadon Braccoiner.  Glenn Little had a fire going which was wonderful!  As well, we were able to collect two bags of food for the Gold River Food Bank. This was the 7th year that we have been doing this. We did have smaller numbers this year, but fun was had by all in the 0 degree weather.

Click on photos to enlarge in a new window/tab:

Polar 1 Polar 2 Polar 3 Polar 4 Polar 5


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Business Spotlight: Gold River Deli



How great is it to see the expansion of a Gold River business!  Things have been a changing at the Deli, so if you haven’t been in yet so see what’s new, read on to see why you should! (FYI: Deli owner Dawn Dakin did a personal spotlight for the Buzz almost three years ago to the day, click on over to read.)

Please tell us a little bit about the Gold River Deli – when did you purchase it?

We purchased the Deli in Oct 2010. I worked in the Deli as a teenager in 1990 for a short time, it was booming back then. When we purchased it, not much had changed from when I worked there. Even the bell on the counter was still there! The Deli was for sale and I said to Dave, we should look into purchasing the Deli. He wasnt all that keen to begin with. Then we talked about the idea off and on for a couple months and 6 months later I said we should look into buying the Deli and I was floored when he said lets look into it. That was it…it all fell into place very easily. We are now business owners!

What made you decide to become a business owner in Gold River?

I have always had the intention to own my own business. I explored 3 or 4 other business ideas that I had interest in, but after doing the research, I didnt feel that they would be profitable in Gold River. My first thought was a pool hall, then a children’s toy/clothing store and a couple others, but they just didn’t fit here. I had never really considered purchasing an existing business, but I’m sure glad I did. The customers of the Deli are fun and loyal and the Deli is kind of an institution in itself here in Gold River. A lot of people have great memories of this place, and we are proud to be part of those memories!

How many employees do you have?

At the moment we have 12! Including myself. I have a great group that is a mixture of young and well myself not so young. They all have their unique talents and abilities I love the fact that for some of my staff, it is their first job and we are teaching them skills that will help prepare them for their future experiences. I take that part of my job pretty seriously and I feel privileged to be able to do that. I love having the young energy around. We want your experience at the deli to be enjoyable and these young ones sure keep things light and fun!

Please tell us a bit about your expansion and your new products/services.

We have recently installed a kitchen in the space next to the deli so we can cook pizza! We put a door through the wall to connect the two rooms. The pizza business just seems to fit with what the deli already has to offer, so it has been somewhat of easy transition. We also moved the chicken fryer into the kitchen, so that is where all the magic happens now! We are excited to provide Gold River with pizza including a delivery service. We will now deliver anything in the store!

Deli_1 Deli_2 PIZZA-MENU-FINAL-page0001

Can you tell us the ways in which your business gives back to the community?

Whether it be to a student or an adult that comes in hungry and needs something to eat, or the deli bursary that we give to the high school graduate that shows community spirit. We provide as much support as we can.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

There are always challenges when owning any business anywhere, but the Deli has such great support from our customers that I can’t tell you how appreciative we are. As long as Dave and I own the Deli, you can expect to be treated with courtesy and respect, to have consistency in our hours and products and as much as things stay the same around here…there will always be changes around here! It keeps life fresh!

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Gold River Pet Helpline – 283-9090

Karen and I got talking not long ago in the Plaza parking lot as there had been a couple of incidents with lost dogs and dogs that were hanging around a neighbourhood for weeks, far from home.  I asked Karen if she could perhaps write a little article explaining what she offers via the Pet Helpline.


The Pet Helpline is in place to assist the average pet owner with any “bump in the road” problem that may happen with their pet. It is a spin off of the old Gold River Pawsitive Services which offered 18 different services. The Pet Helpline offers shelter for strays, reuniting of a lost dogs and its’ family, obedience training, problem solving, information, G.E. Grooming and boarding.

My name is Karen Bowker. I bring to Gold River my experience as a competitive dog trainer, breeding kennel master, obedience instructor, pet groomer, emergency vet assistant and a lifetime pet lover. Before I had my first dog, Muggins the Pomeranian, I was drawing pictures of dogs and hatching wild bird eggs in the oven just so I could have an animal companion. Many years later I saw my first “trained” dog. A black Labrador retriever. I liked what I saw but with being a young mother in a logging camp, I didn’t have the time or the means to learn how to train a dog. A few more years later the opportunity came. I borrowed my daughter’s miniature Dachshund and off to obedience school I went. After a couple of sessions of 8 week classes I was bitten by the “training bug”. It wasn’t long before I was travelling up and down the island competing in AIOC (Association of Island Obedience Clubs)  trials.

Variety is the spice of life so obedience training wasn’t the only canine training that I did. I dabbled in agility, drafting, Canine Good Neighbour testing, musical freestyle, pet therapy and trick training. I also became very active with the SPCA in Nanaimo. I volunteered with Pet Therapy and Humane Education, eventually coordinating the Humane Education program for which I received a SPCA 2000 Volunteer of the Year award for both Nanaimo and BC.

Gold River Pawsitive Service and Pet Helpline have sheltered, and re-homed many cats and dogs. One dog whelped 11 puppies when she was with us. Every pup was placed in a loving home after it was de-wormed, vaccinated and altered. The mother dog was re-homed later. I guess she was our longest staying guest~~~2 months.

My vision is to educate the young, inform the unknowing and help create a trusting, loving relationship between man and his companion.

Note:  When I asked Karen where the money comes from to offer this service, she responded with, “I charge for boarding, grooming and training.  The cakes help out too.”   So it is essentially coming directly from her pocket. If a stray comes to her needing medical attention, she spends her own money to have the dog tended to. Please don’t forget the Pet Helpline when donating – a bake sale is in the planning stages, and I’m guessing there will be some delicious slow cooker cakes there!!

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Gold River Cat Society Asking For Kittens to be Returned

Via Gold River Cat Society

Kittens-Lesson 1

Like human babies, kittens need to nurse from their mother for at least 8 weeks to get her immunities to diseases.  Unfortunately, people think they are doing the village a favour by picking up 3 week old feral kittens to raise.  This gives rise to a number of problems, especially once the kittens grow up to be cats.  Too often, at that point, they become not as cuddly and cute and are then let loose UNFIXED.

This happened last year at the Gold Crest main colony, and has just occurred again.  So, the GRCS is sending out a plea to those who took the kittens to please return them so they can be healthy, properly socialized, and then fixed.  That would do us more good than taking them now and releasing them later.  If you really want to help us, please donate funds, food, dishes, towels, carriers, etc.

Thank you.

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