This world seems to bring a great deal of negative news to us and we wanted to brighten that a bit by highlighting a most amazing family.  It is a family residing in Gold River that we speak of…Claude Gervais, Marianne Flam and their three young sons, Joseph, Cashis, and Vernon. 

We met this wonderful family through a mutual acquaintance and have grown to love them dearly.  They have visited with us, in Manitoba, several times. For various reasons, a lot of construction work has remained undone in our home and Claude suggested that he would be willing to come and help us out.  In his words, “I could see you needed help and I could help”.   We agreed that we would accept this offer and Claude came to our home to install a kitchen. 

When he began tearing out the existing cupboards, he noted that wiring, insulating and flooring needed to be stripped and done as well.  So, Claude completely gutted the kitchen and restored it from bare bones.  If something wasn’t perfect, Claude redid it.  It is perfect now!  And Claude worked like a freight train! At this writing, he has been here nearly a month.

We are blessed. To have people sacrifice for us like this is beyond belief!  Marianne has been in charge of her home and family …no small task (electrical failure in town, sickness, and serious snowfall).  These people are over-the-top incredible!  How often do you see people give like that?  These are Christian people who live the talk.  We are so grateful for them.  The work done is wonderful.  The sacrifice is stunning.  But the blessing of seeing people like this shine in this world that seems so very dark at times is beyond belief beautiful.  We thought that you would want to know that you have true treasure in your midst.  People like these are rare and are so very precious.  We hope they are appreciated and valued in Gold River.  We are pretty positive that they are.  They should be.  They are an answer to prayer.

Give them a hug from us when you see them in future.  They have it coming.  And you will get a beauty back!  We know it.

We will give Claude back (reluctantly but because Marianne needs him and we love her, too) but we are changed because we have met this wonderful family.  We welcome them back with open arms…and hope they will all visit soon.


Glen and Heather Godri
Grateful People
Beausejour, Manitoba

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