Psychic Reading

October 27, 28 and 29th, Les Arbres B & B, located at 541 Eagle Crescent, will host a BOO’ish Halloween three day Tarot card reading. Offering half hour readings at $45.00 or one hour readings at $70.00.

To book a reservation call 250.283.7422.

Spencer Sheehan-Kalina’s Bio

Spencer has spent years reading and has now opened himself professionally as a Tarot Card Reader. Spencer’s psychic ability was recognized by a well renowned psychic Ms. Connie Adams, located in Merrickville Ontario. At the age of nine Spencer ‘s ability to read was quite obvious to Ms. Adams. Throughout Spencer’s early years he spent time in developing his healing abilities studying Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, EMS, and crystal healing as well as reading Tarot Cards. In 2015 on a visit to Merrickville, Ontario, it was Connie Adams, that reinforced Spencer to read. Since that time Spencer has been open for business doing readings in Nanaimo where he now lives.


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