Well I have been saying for a while now that I was seeing that things are and have slowed a bit and I attributed that mainly to the stress test for mortgage approval.  The good news is I was wrong in the terminology.  We are in fact in a balanced market, not a slow market.  So what does this mean for Gold River.  If you are wanting to sell, it just means that it may take a bit more time than it has in the last two years.  If you are wanting to buy,  it is better for you because its not the crazy market it has been, but depending on your situation, financing might be a bit harder. 

If you are looking in Gold River, well the beautiful thing is……Gold River!  Who wouldn’t want to be here.  Reasonably priced homes, yes, but on top of that, clean air, clean drinking water and a safe environment. Do we need much more? Are we not living in paradise? I think so

Please keep me in mind when looking to work with a realtor in the Gold River or Campbell River area. Below is some ‘light’ reading.  Take Care~


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