Season Five at the Gold River TimberMart Garden Centre

By Bridgite Messer

Trees, shrubs, and grasses are already here with bedding plants arriving starting the first week of May to mid June.

Along with the plants, we try to have everything needed for landscaping: tools, landscape fabrics, mulches (rocks and barks) edging, soils, bricks, and of course interesting accents – pots, garden ornaments, fountains, and even some patio furniture! For garden maintenance, we also have a full line of fertilizers and pesticides. Just to note, two products that are hard to find that we have are Dr. Doom (for ants and other insects) and Bobbex (a deer repellent spray that when used properly, is very effective)

2015 Garden Centre Hours:  Firstly, the garden centre is always accessible just by asking at the main Timber Mart store. During the shoulder seasons we keep the usual gardening needs there. There will be staff at the garden centre on a regular basis starting April 13, working from 10am to 5pm.

Then, starting on Mother’s Day, we will be open 7 days a week: 10am to 5pm daily, with Sunday hours being Noon to 3pm until June 1. Sunday hours may extend into June if needed.

Thank you again to the Gold River residents who have been supporting the garden centre. It is my passion for gardening that keeps me motivated and I enjoy helping and, likewise learning, from all of you. This is my 5th season, and I try to keep your interest by always trying new things. It is especially great to see the growing interest amongst Gold River’s young families.

Many people only dream of being able to live in a serene mountain village close to the sea. We are living that dream. It is so wonderful that our Village Council makes it important to keep our boulevards and parks so beautiful. This really helps to keep our aging town young and we can each help by taking the responsibility to keep our yards nice. I see improvements every year and applaud those who are able to make even the smallest changes. Given that Gold River is celebrating its 50th year, please consider the impression that your yard will have on the many expected visitors. We can help our village by each of us trying to make our little spot within the town look better. We should all be very proud to live here!


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