In light of the recent comments around the community on social media I thought it might be a good idea to share this Strengthening Rural Canada Report once again from last November that encapsulates what was happening at the time and is still very relevant today. This was a Federal Government Project that put focus on creating small successes in rural Canadian communities to create momentum for bigger successes in the future.   

There were 36 people who came to the public meeting but there were many others involved in the idea sharing and brainstorming about what could be done to improve the situation in our little town.  I would hope that people know that from this report a call went out to the community and a task group was formed and has been working on a Trail Marking and Mapping project for the Scout/Antler Recreation Area (SARA).  This project is mapped and the pamphlet is almost complete the signage to be purchased has been researched and quotes received. The project has been shared with Council and has received endorsement from the Mowachaht Muchalaht First Nations.  So there are just a few tasks left to complete this undertaking. I think we were all surprised at how much more time and energy it took to get us to where we are with this project but we are encouraged by how many have asked about the trails project and look forward to having our map to the Tourist Information Center this summer and signs up showing people how to get around the area. 

There were a couple of other projects identified in the Strengthening Rural Canada Report, namely a “Composting Facility” for organic waste and a “Job Board” using The Buzz or other social media to help our Seniors get help around the house/yard from local youths when needed. It would be great to see a couple more talsk groups created to address these items.

For those who are asking what’s being done, I urge them to reach out to others and get involved there is so much happening here.   We aren’t in charge of what big or small business does in Gold River, but we are in charge of what we volunteer to do and how we present ourselves and our community to those who would choose this place to live or visit. Let’s show them the good stuff, Craft Fair, Revellers, Gold River Days, Literacy Society, and so many, many clubs, groups and volunteers that make this place so special. 

Lynne Unger

Strengthening Rural Canada Report


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