Note: This is a new post as Bridgite wanted to add canning supplies and her Daughter Cassandra’s AMAZING handmade soap!

Summer at Gold River Builders:

Fishing has been hot and Gold River Builders has a section devoted just for fishing needs specialized to Nootka Sound. There is also a small section devoted to camping.

Canning Supplies and Fish Smoking: Everything you need to deal with all the fish you caught!

Coolers are in many sizes for camping, picnics, fishing, etc.

Barbeques are a necessity for summer! There are a few left with great pricing.


Homemade in Gold River by Cassandra Messer with all natural ingredients are now available at the main store. Enjoy an extraordinary lathering experience!

Garden Centre Clearance Sale:
All trees and shrubs! 30% OFF!

There are many nice items left:

  • Three Mock Orange – deliciously fragrant!
  • Two Forsythia – One of the first bloomers in the spring with bright yellow flowers.
  • Several Heather – Purple and white with next spring’s buds already set!
  • One Large Eddie White Dogwood tree
  • Two Flowering Red Bark Dogwood
  • One, almost full grown, Boogle Larch – great in planted or kept in a container.
  • Two Weeping Atlas Blue Spruce
  • Many evergreen shrubs – The work horse of any landscape. They come in many shades of green, blue and yellow; an endless variety of shapes that require virtually zero effort for care and look good all year!
  • Grass: Tall clumping reed grass with interesting blooms as well as small evergreen Mondo grass with white flowers.

Late summer and fall offer ideal planting conditions for trees and shrubs.

 As we head into a shoulder season for gardening, hours at Gold River Builders Garden Centre are shrinking. I am at the store every Monday and most Tuesdays from 9am to 5pm. The rest of the week I am there only on days when watering is necessary. If the “OPEN” light is on, I’m there.  When traffic to the garden centre is slow, there is a sign on the gate indicating that for help go to the main store.  You will find that garden centre supplies that are needed in the fall have been moved there for your convenience. If not, someone will help you get what you need.

Thank you so very much for all the support Gold River! Plus, to all the residents of Tahsis who shop at Gold River Timber Mart, Thank you too! I have so enjoyed meeting you.

Gold River Builders is a full building supply: lumber, drywall, plumbing, electrical, hardware, paint, windows, doors, countertops etc., located at 502 Industrial Park Place. Turn at the yellow bridge!


By Bridgite Messer


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