Once again, I’d like to thank our volunteers who have helped maintain the work this rescue does: Wendy and Ken Smith, the caretakers for the main colony; Janet Witton , Sharon Alstrup, Al Slack, Ovide Bertrand, Dawn Dakin, and Monika Cyron, the board of directors besides myself; Kat Zettler, the manager of Bosley’s in CR, who took in and fostered a discarded mom and her kittens (and became a foster fail re: the mom); Dr. Dave McDonald, Lori Toohey, Michelle Carstensen, and the staff of Comox Valley Animal Hospital; Kitty Cat PALS, who has allowed us to transfer older cats for rehoming; and anyone who has aided us in any way.

Joanne Folkins, President
Gold River Cat Society grcs.ca goldrivercatsociety [at] gmail [dot] com

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