*** THE ANTLER *** MAY 21, 2016

FIRST ANNUAL PBR ( Paddle, Bike, Run )
Limited Entry. Two Divisions:
Paddle Board or Kayak
2KM PADDLE Antler Lake ~ 8KM BIKE Scout Lake Trails ~ 5KM RUN  Antler Lake
Can be done SOLO or as a CO-ED Team of three.
Please message me to reserve your spot. On Facebook: Marc St Jules, email: marc_stjules@hotmail.com

~ ALSO ~

We’re looking to see something that captures the essence of Gold River / Antler Lake and the three disciplines involved in the ANTLER PBR ( Paddle Bike Run )
We are on a limited timeline and have a deadline set for April 12.
Because the art would need to be digitally rendered for print ( posters, event ticket and t-shirt ), we may end up taking the artists work or concept and tweaking it unless the artist has a background in graphic design.
Participants can take a photo of the art and email it to me directly or Facebook message the photo.
On Facebook: Marc St Jules, email: marc_stjules@hotmail.com


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