6(I couldn’t keep it to 5) ADVENTURES IN GOLD RIVER

  1. AIR NOOTKA– Charter the plane and head out to the hot springs.
  2. GET WEST ADVENTURES-Cruise, relax and explore the beautiful scenery on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC
  3. UPANA CAVES-20 minutes out of Gold River on the way to Tahsis. Fantastic set of caves to explore
  4. KAYAK THE GOLD OR HEBER-Here are some people who have done it…the smiles say it all!
  5. FISH THE NOOTKA SOUND-Weither you are in your own boat or chartering or going to a lodge.  The beauty of the Nootka Sound will keep you coming back for more
  6. E&B HELICOPTER-Heli adventures! Hiking, glaciers, fishing.  

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