Via Gold River Cat Society:

The crocuses are up, other bulbs are sprouting, and the salmonberry bushes are budding. All this means we have an earlier Spring than last year’s, if you can believe that, which then means kittens could arrive earlier than usual.

If at all possible, please ensure that, if your cats are not fixed, they remain indoors. If you cannot do that, contact the Gold River Cat Society at 250-283-7606 to help you with your cat’s spaying/neutering.

This offer is open only to people who CANNOT afford to get their pets fixed. Some people availed themselves of this service last year without proving financial hardship and took money away from those who truly needed it. Because of this, we will need those who request our help to fill out a confidential application form and supply proof that they really cannot afford the fees. If they can pay for some, we ask that they pay for their cat’s inoculations, which are cheaper than the surgery. But since private pockets are still the source of funding until we get our charity status from the CRA, please have patience if you are on the waiting list.

BTW, if a person can afford to buy and operate a large pick-up, an SUV, or a higher-end car; buy liquor/drugs; and/or buy cigarettes, his/her application may not be accepted. But we will expect you to get your cat fixed!

We will also take in any unintended litters, so PLEASE don’t throw them away like trash. We would also like to be informed of any feral (wild) litters so we can socialize them and adopt them out. At that time, we’d like you to tell us their precise location(s) so we can trap and spay the mother (vet science had progressed to the point where Dr. Dave can spay a lactating female without drying up her milk).

Giving a voice to those we often do not hear,

The Gold River Cat Society


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