Submitted by Don Beggs:

Happy New Year everyone!  Congratulations to our new councilors, mayor and school officials who were chosen by a reasonably good showing of our citizens at the polls. Bravo to those whom marked their choices!

Village Voice has the earnest hope that these leaders will wish to communicate individually and collectively with as many of our citizens as they are able. It is the wish of the organization to encourage that communication without bias,and to ensure that concerns and issues are well understood and addressed by our municipal representatives.

The MISSION is solely to create a vocal organizations to bring issues before our leaders and to promote unity in moving our community towards addressing majority expectations, without disregarding the voice of individuals who might have ideas , opinions, concerns or even grievances, which deserve serious attention, if not enthusiastic action.

• Structuring and electing an executive.
• A plan for interaction with our community agencies, community organizations and elected leaders.
• Agreement on some issues and their possible resolution to be taken to council or school board for direct term attention.
• Gallery representation at council and or School Board meetings.

TIME and PLACE 0f MEETING 7:00pm Chalet -Board Room – Tuesday January 13th 2015


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