Proud Member of Gold River Chamber of Commerce

Invitation to Meeting (All citizens are welcome.)

Wednesday May 11th @ 7PM Chamber of Commerce Office (The Vault).

The Purpose of Village Voice is to provide an opportunity for citizens to gather in discussion groups to share ideas, concerns and information relative to our community.

The goal is to become an action group, and to actively support and encourage any individual(s) who may be motivated to pursue any project, which might constructively enhance our community.

The agenda for Wednesday 05/11/16:

a) Involving our youth in discussions regarding their community.

b) Ideas to present to Village Council.

c) Inviting a First Nations guest to our June meeting.

d) Having a “potluck” barbeque at our June or July meeting.

e) Dialogue

f) Old Business-

1 Value and Future of Village Voice
2 Logo Approval.
3 Increasing participants –communication. Invite friend.



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