All villagers are welcome to attend the next monthly meeting of Village Voice at THE VAULT (Chamber of Commerce) at 7 PM October 12th. All points of view are encouraged, and your items will be added to the agenda.


1) Appoint a treasurer.
2) Discuss GR Days Petitions- (Dog Park) (Weed Control)
3) Discussion re rising Hydro rates.
4) Discussion of designated day for monthly meetings.
5) Compliments to the organizers of Gold River Days.
6) Consideration for action to motivate council to react to community priorities. Example: Communication – balance of maintenance services – vacancy rate and derelict buildings with absentee land lords – auxiliary police –transparency in search for investors in community – economic promotion – seniors focus-
7) Quality programs form quality organizations. eg drama , writers , literacy, library programs. Tell about your programs.


Discussion and information regarding Rural Community Development (Public Meeting) held October 5th.


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