This past week we spent some time in Gold River.

We stayed at the tastefully decorated Les Arbres with its wonderful hosts Peggy and Tom in attendance. We ate the best wings ever at the pub’s wing night but it was our greatest fortune to have been guided to Karen Bowker!

Karen took in our border terrier, Finnegan for 3 full days while we enjoyed the excursion on the MVUchuck lll. The staff and crew were awesome and we loved our time spent on the vessel, but we were most blown away when we returned 3 days later to pick up our little dog from Karen.

Karen’s kindness and caring showed to both us and our dog, Finn, was second to none, not only did she take good care of him but she had a surprise package ready for us to take home with pictures, toys, collar, magazines, hand written notes of his visit and even more wonderful goodies!

We were so taken by Karen’s modest kindness, knowledge and her thoughtful sparkling eye!

I say good on you Karen and we send a ‘Warm Fuzzy’ for your effort!

Thank you,
Marg and Allan Swartz
Okanagan Falls, B.C.


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