I thought I’d share an interesting item I came across while trying to find the old “Be Bear Aware” website. (It has now been integrated into WildSafeBC)

On the WildSafeBC website, scroll down to the bottom of the main page where you will find a map and the Wildlife Alert Reporting Program. (WARP) With this program, we can see what wildlife has been reported in Gold River and what action was taken by Conservation. Click on the program/map, then enter Gold River in the right hand side. You will then see a map much like the above photo. Play around with it a little bit – you can click each animal and a little report will pop up advising what type of animal, what type of call it was and what action was taken.

Note: if the animals are grouped closely or overlapping on the map, the first click separates them, then you can move your cursor over each animal and click individually.

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