T H A N K  Y O U  G O L D  R I V E R!

Hopefully, you all had a wonderful Holiday Season filled with laughter and happiness. Both my wife Erika and I wish you all the very best life has to offer for the coming year.

During the month of December I had the pleasant and awesome responsibility to be Santa for the children of Gold River.

Nothing has ever given me more pleasure and happiness than being Santa for the many wonderful children (and adults) I encountered. My first engagement was the “TWILIGHT AT THE PLAZA”. Although it was sparsely attended, my wife Erika, as Santa’s Elf, and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Next came the “SANTA AT THE COMMUNITY CENTRE” event, which had us delivered by Helicopter to the parking lot, where dozens of children and adults were watching Santa’s landing. The short flight over Gold River was simply exhilarating, something my wife and I will not soon forget. Santa also visited during the Christmas party for all Village employees at the “RIDGE” as well as the Children’s Christmas Party for the RCMP and FIRE DEPARTMENT. Next up were all the children at the elementary school and then the “MOWACHAHT/MUCHALAHT FIRST NATION”. The final visit for Santa was at the “SANTA IN THE PLAZA” for two days. This event was sponsored by the local Legion Branch 270, which also contributed a cash donation.

A huge “Thank You” goes out to the many businesses and individuals who helped making this event very successful.

The following businesses and individuals gave generously and enthusiastically to support the event, which, without the strong support, would not have been possible:

The Lodge at Gold River (very generous cash contribution); the new owners of the Plaza, J.T. (cash contribution); the Auto Shop (Ross Allison, cash contribution); Rick at the Lumberyard; Dawn (The Deli); The Gold River Pharmacy; The Treasure Chest; Eagles Wings Restaurant; The Literacy Society; Field’s Dep’t Store; Internet Café; Clayworks Café and Gallery; Super Valu; The Ridge Roadhouse; Straight Grain Inc.; Curb Appeal landscaping services; and last but not least my wife Erika – she not only acted as Santa’s Elf, she also contributed a large sum of cash to make up a shortfall to purchase many toys and sweets, plus she spent countless hours in preparation and planning for the many events. She made a terrific Elf – next year, I have to make her “Mrs. Claus” if she lets me.

Again, Thank You, Gold River, for your generosity, enthusiastic support and participation. Hopefully, we can do it again next year.

Have a successful, healthy, prosperous and very Happy New Year!

Peter Kuhrt and Erika Kuhrt.


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9 thoughts on “Appreciation from Santa Claus”

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. We will definitely do it again next year! It warms our hearts to see all the happy smiles on the children’s and adults faces.

    1. You’re welcome. It brought so much pleasure to us as well. We look so forward to doing it again next Christmas.

    1. You’re welcome. Thank you for your comment. It was so wonderful to meet all the smiling children, and adults alike. See you again next Christmas. Looking forward to it.

  1. You made our Christmas in Gold River sparkle. Thank-you for being such a giving and kind addition to the community! My children all loved meeting you and your elf!

    1. Thank you for your comment. It made our Christmas sparkle as well. It warms our hearts to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Santa will be back next Christmas.

  2. You’re welcome! It brought so much pleasure to us as well. We will do it again next year! Looking so forward to it.

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