Via Joanne Folkins:

I have tried to not repeat myself this year, but the problem of left dog poop has gotten worse.   People, the size of the dog doesn’t matter-  dog poop is dog poop.  Please pick it up, especially if it is in places where people walk and children play.  It is a part of responsible dog ownership.

And if you don’t know where your dog has pooped in town, that means s/he isn’t on a leash and under control, in itself a problem.

If you need a lesson on how to use a poop bag, I can spare 5 seconds to show you.  It ain’t hard nor messy if you do it carefully.


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1 thought on “Cold Prickly re: irresponsible dog ownership”

  1. Dpnt have a pet if 1a part.of family , would u leave ur child outside in heat/cold unprotected?
    2: If u have a pet u must be responsible 100% of the time pick up after them ..If u cant stoop and pick up poop dont have a dog that simple people ….

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