Via John McPherson
The lights at Saunders Bridge are flashing red now instead of alternating red and green at the detour bridge.
I would like to notify the public that they are expected to use the standard stop and go procedure used at a 4-way stop. If there is no on-coming traffic approaching the bridge, you can proceed across. If there is, stop and wait. Take turns, be courteous and cautious.
Thanks very much for everyone’s co-operation and patience. The bridge contractors are doing their best to correct the problem and return the lights to their normal operation ASAP.
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  1. Carol -

    As a person who travels a lot on our hwy, I prefer the flashing red now that we can see the traffic on the opposite side. The wait time is far less ?

  2. PatBuzit -

    myself and 2 others got caught by the flashing lights and sat for a minute or two waiting for them to change before cluing in to what flashing lights meant. duh!!!

  3. Craig Anderson -

    The stop and go is by far the preferred method. A little bit of common sense goes a long way. No need to fix them John.

  4. Joe leighton -

    I thought they got fixed to the flashing red. This is far better than waiting at a red light with no one coming the other way. My vote is to leave them flashing red, everyone should no what to do at a flashing red and there is no wait time!

  5. Joe leighton -

    So I seen they got the lights functioning again I’ve gone over it a few times since 2 of which the apposite light turned green before I was over the bridge. Kind of weird I still think the flashing red is a better option.

  6. Suzanne -

    I got all excited the first day I went out and it was a flashing red. SO MUCH BETTER! Then I went out the next day and it was back to waiting. WTH? Leave it flashing red. People have more common sense than patience.

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