Emergency- Severely Injured Cat
A grey tabby cat (with white paws?) was perhaps hit by a car Wednesday night and was brought to the Gold River Cat Society. S/he could be very badly injured and will be seeing Dr. Dave first thing tomorrow morning. S/he was found around the arena area and only had a flea collar on. As s/he may be too badly hurt to move him/her much, the age and gender could not be ascertained.
If this is your missing cat, please contact the Gold River Cat Society at 250-283-7606 anytime or the GR Vet Office at 250-283-7522 after 9am tomorrow morning.
Joanne Folkins


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1 thought on “Emergency- Severely Injured Cat”

  1. Tuxedo - Male (now neutered)

    Joanne, thank you for caring about an animal that so many seem to be able to neglect or ignore…. and… thank you to the Gold River Deli and the Super Value for collecting donations. (Not sure of anyone else who may also collect
    … and to the veterinary clinic/
    Sincerely…. Tuxedo on Golden Hinde

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