It’s a little confusing, so watch what day you’re looking at.  It’s hard for me to scan in a pamphlet in proper order. (Great job Lisa!  Thanks for all your hard work.)

50th Schedule 2

50th Schedule 1


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6 thoughts on “Full Schedule of 50th Events with Times”

  1. I’m sorry if its a little confusing – Rhonda Is my computer guru who made the pamphlet up and it’s formatted to be tri-folded. Any questions feel free to call me. I just want to add that the Party in the Park may need to be held at the Community Hall as we may be getting rain – everyone pray for sunshine on Saturday or light showers!

    1. The parade route starts at the General Store across from the DFO and will head straight down Muchalat turning right at the Chalet onto Nimpkish then back to the elementary school.

  2. Hi everyone:
    Do we know if the time capsule from the Rec Centre will be opened at the 50th event this week? It would sure be neat to see all of the mementos and history if it is possible.

    1. Hi Kyra – can you add to the 50th events that E&B Helicopters will be having helicopter tours on Saturday between 12:00 – 3:00. The tours are approximately 20 minutes long and cost $84.00/person. Anyone who is interested is to show up down at the hanger weather permitting.

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