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10 thoughts on “Gold River Super Valu Closing it’s Doors”

  1. That is so sad, the people who are not mobile or handicap , seniors or others who have difficulty to go shopping out of town. Not to forget the tourist and of course businesses. I hope someone comes with a solution. Good luck!!!

  2. I am so very sad to hear this news. I shop for my family of 5 almost exclusively at Super Valu. Thank you Brad and Lynne and staff for your hard work over the years. It is always a pleasure to shop at your store…you are kinda like the TV show Cheers! I hope a solution comes Gold River’s way! Rachel Stratton and Family

  3. So sorry to hear this, Brad. Small communities need grocery stores in order to keep the community thriving! Best wishes in these challenging times. I hope you find another option that will provide in town access to groceries for your lovely little town.
    Best regards,
    Shirley Ackland, mayor of Port McNeill

  4. Walter and Rita Hall

    This is a sad day for Gold River residents. I personally know that Brad and his little grocery army did the best job they could for residents of gold river. We did our basic shopping at Supervalu for years and perhaps we would do the out of town shopping thing once a month and make a little holiday out of it just to get away. Having Loblaw pricing on popular goods was a real bonus. At one time, pretty much all the contractors working out in camps would supplement the store by buying their camp groceries through the store, but I believe a lot of that market has declined substantially in the area now. I do see a lot of contractors at Super Store and Costco’s that actually work out of the Gold River area. Too bad this change has developed, but the economics of doing this must make sense to them with everyone striving to survive in our volatile global market . Running a business is very tough these days with all the competition and trying to stay in the black. This grocery business had to be one of the most stressful ventures that anyone might take on in a small market like Gold River and our family has nothing but admiration for Brad and family and employee’s for doing everything they could to continue this long , supplying residents with the best service and goods that they could.
    Thank you Brad, and best wishes from the Hall family

  5. Yup so Sad 🙁 but great job to all the helpers and Brad! Can’t believe it’s closing down but hope all the best for the town Gold river

    Angel Jules
    (Kyuquot) BC

  6. Awe that’s so sad for everyone so sorry this is happening to ou. All hope something comes up soon for everyone Tracey of kyuquot

  7. My thoughts go to you, Brad and Lynn. I know how very hard you and your family have worked to keep Super Valu part of Gold River. Seems whenever I read about Gold River, someone, or a club, is thanking you for your support and help. You have always been there for the town – it will be an awfully empty space for everyone. Hugs!

  8. sad to see such a valuable service leave Gold River after many years of service to their customers. I wish I was able to take it over.

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