Cody Savey

Dawn Dakin, owner of the Gold River Deli, has set up a GoFundMe page for Cody Savey’s Hockey Expenses as the cost for such an endeavor is very taxing on the family.  This is what Dawn had to say about Cody on the GoFundMe page:

Cody Savey a local boy started off his hockey in Gold River. He had great coaches and team mates who helped him start off his journey and he has moved onward and would love to continue to move upward in the ranks.

He has played with the Campbell River Tyees for two years and being Captain this year they not only are the Island champs, they won Provincials. Cody has made both the U 15 and U 16 team.  He did not make the Bantam draft but most certainly was wanted – the invites were coming in.  He received nine invites to rookie camp, but the Seattle Thunderbirds were quick to grab him. He was put on the 50 man player protected list. This means he can only attend their camp and will be able to play with them when he is of age to do so.  He has worked very hard to achieve these goals.

Fitness, health and nutrition takes a lot of willpower from a 14 year old boy. Many of you know Cody’s family, and you know that it is not easy to ask for assistance at all, which is why I’m setting this page up.

It will cost about $10k for this year and I know that this family and this boy in particular would be so grateful to have any support you can provide. I for one would love to see a Gold River boy in the NHL one day. Hey if Port McNeill can have some so can we! Just $5 or $10 will make such a difference.

Thank you in advance.

Dawn Dakin


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