GRVFD Helping Residents

As we all get older, moving heavy objects becomes a challenge. Moving a concrete fountain falls into the very heavy category. Gold River Volunteer Fire Department to the rescue. Chief Begon sent us three strong helpers who volunteered their time to help us out. They efficiently moved the fountain from our truck to the very back of the yard and even leveled it up. Many thanks to Lisa Jones, Jacob Knight, and Kyle Collins who took time from their busy lives to help us out.

Our fire department fills a very important role in our community. They are volunteers with special training to help us in an emergency. Being a firefighter is rewarding and if you want to help your community consider our volunteer fire department.

Thank you again for coming to our rescue.

Larry Fehr


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1 thought on “Helping Hands from the Gold River Volunteer Fire Department”

  1. Good job!! We need more people like you guys. Thanks to Rick for fulfilling a need in the community!!!!

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