1. a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

    “there was a brief hiatus in the war with France”

    synonyms: pause, break, gap, lacuna, interval, intermission, interlude, interruption, suspension, lull, respite, time out, time off, recess

I couldn’t even have one month break. (25 days)  Although I’m not surprised.

I am fascinated by WWII and devour everything I can get my hands on, and a quote comes to mind from that time period. After the Dec 7, 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto made this famous quote; “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant.”

Oh I’m awake alright.

If you wish to continue on with The Buzz after this short HIATUS, I am extremely pleased to have you back.  Thank you also for so many hugs, words of encouragement and faith in me that I received around town and in the many emails sent.

I simply needed a little break to concentrate on all the other stress (medical, legal) that’s going on in my life.  So thank you to those who understood.

I hope you’ll stay with The Buzz! Eight years and strong!

I will be doing some things differently and will fill you in soon.

PS: I haven’t decided to reactivate the Buzz’ Facebook yet or not. Perhaps that’s a good idea for a poll!?

Kyra 🙂



***Please don’t come to my home unless it’s an absolute emergency.


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11 thoughts on “hi·a·tus”

  1. Happy to hear this Kyra, the buzz has been a valuable resource for our little town …but keeping healthy should be your #1 priority, so Im hoping you find balance 🙂

  2. Paul Laviolette

    I too are fascinated by stuff from WW2 probably because my mom and dad joined the Air Forse to do their part. Dad was a Lancaster piolot and was awarded the DFC.
    The Buzz always had something of interest in it !

  3. So glad you are continuing with The Buzz. Reading the blurb from the Ridge post left the impression that you had retired and they were taking over. Happy that is not so.

  4. I too read the Ridge’s post and was confused. Taking advantage while there’s an opening I guess. Very glad to see you back as well!

  5. Kyra,
    So glad you are back. We need you so much around here for so many reasons. Thank you for giving our community such a wonderful service.

  6. Hi, Kyra
    Just moved to Gold River in October and I got so used to checking your site, so glad to see you back. Take care of yourself, take the time you need for whatever you need to do, we will be here waiting for you.

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