It has come to the point where I need to take a break from the Buzz.  It use to be so fun and friendly and something I loved to get up and work on first thing in the morning, but it is just not that way anymore.
Please note: All paid advertising responsibilities have been met by me, and in fact I have not sent invoices out for quite a few months.


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7 thoughts on “The Gold River Buzz will be on Hiatus Until Further Notice”

  1. Kyra,
    You’ve done an amazing job. You’ll be missed. The Buzz has been a great source of information. Thanks

  2. Thank you Kyra, we really will miss the Buzz, but a break is always a good idea. Be good to yourself and we hope to see the Buzz off hiatus in the future.

  3. Gold River Cat Society

    You and the Buzz have been a fantastic addition to the community. Get some rest and hope to see both active in the future. I know the GRCS greatly values all you have done.

  4. thank you for keeping everyone updated! love this page and appreciate all the work you put into it !You deserve a break!

  5. Thank you Kyra and all the contributors that helped to make the buzz-buzz.
    Take care.
    Ray and Gerry.

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