1. Gabriella -

    Left unknown chemical’s along with garbage last night on the street be the fish marked drainage on Donner Dr. by my house. How safe is that? Kids were throwing it around. I .am very concern with this kind of practices by the Gold River fire department.
    Have pictures to prove it.

  2. Lisa Illes -

    This message is for Gabriella who left a post on April 18, 2018.

    I am the Fire Chief of the Gold River Fire Department and invite you to call the office anytime if you have a concern about our practices. The “unknown chemicals” that we used during last weeks training are not toxic and are safe to flush down in the storm drains. It is a completely safe product. The Village of Gold River maintenance workers are responsible for flushing the hydrants and do so in increments yearly. As far as garbage being left behind if we did my apologizes but it would only be an empty water bottle if anything. I will be more diligent in the future. Again I invite you to call the Fire Hall at anytime if you have any concerns. Our number is 250-283-2522. Thank you.
    Lisa Illes
    Fire Chief
    Gold River Fire Department

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