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The Juniors had their golf wind up a few weekends ago bringing an end to the golf year for most. The weather was great and the kids have shown amazing progress. Both the Junior/Juniors and the Juniors were a joy to be around. Thanks guys for making it easy.

THANK YOU to all the helpers over the summer who have with all the things that needed to be done and the golf course staff for their help in having a great Junior year.

<center>Junior photo- missing -Kodi Hutchinson, Will Woodruff<center/>
Junior photo- missing -Kodi Hutchinson, Will Woodruff
Junior photo (above)- missing -Kodi Hutchinson, Will Woodruff


Junior/junior- missing- Riley Frame, Stephanie Mather
Junior/Junior- missing- Riley Frame, Stephanie Mather
Junior/Junior (above)- missing- Riley Frame, Stephanie Mather


1st place-Preston Lightle
Boys 2nd place-Tyler Gedlaman
Boys 3rd place-Connor Creelman
<center>Junior Boys</center>
Junior Boys

Junior Girls (no photo)
Girls 1st place-Taylor Frame
Girls 2nd place-EmmaLee Sereda


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3 thoughts on “Junior Golf Wind Up: A Great Season”

  1. Sorry I missed working with the kids this year. I hope to get back up here, and will try to get in touch to help. Maybe develop a Drive, Chip & Putt group?
    Best Wishes for a great year!

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